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Thread: Kingdom Of Loathing

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    Default Kingdom Of Loathing

    An 8elete kaulato RPG

    Kaula sas lew
    "Xexexexexexe... xixixi!"

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    This is a spooky vampire. He wants to saaaahhhk your blaaaahd. He is a terrifying apparition even though he talks like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Count Chocula.

    He gets the jump on you.

    He turns into some kind of big, black dog. But it turns out he's your godfather, so it's okay.

    Ναι, σήμερα το ανακάλυψα, ξεκίνησα τον disco dancer Gardelis.

    Για να περνά η ώρα στη δουλειά γαμάει.

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