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Thread: Κρακοβία - Krakow

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    Μεταφέρω αυτούσιο το κείμενο που έστειλε ο φίλος Πολωνός...

    So when it comes to Auschwitz I suggest to use some operator. You do not need to carry about transport etc. and with the Guide in such a place is always nicer. Same thing about Salt Mine – there are plenty of places in Krakow where you can find all those Tours.
    About Car – do they need it to go somewhere else besides Auschwitz / Wieliczka Salt Mine ? If no – in my opinion car is not needed… Most of the things in Krakow is walking distance or there is Uber/Bolt.
    Tolls – u have to pay for the road from Krakow to Katowice – but to Auschwitz there is also tools free road. Anyway if they decide to use Tour operator for Aushwitz all will be covered I believe

    PLACES TO VISIT in Krakow
    -WAWEL Castle
    -KAZIMIERZ Jewish district
    -Market Square with the Mariacki Church and Sukiennice building.
    -Oscar Schindler Museum


    FORUM  Pretty cool place with various food/drinks selections – when is nice weather ppl can hang out outside

    STARKA  Traditional Polish Cuisine and solid vodka selections ������

    WESELE  Polish Cuisine

    MORSKIE OKO  Polish Cusine

    HOUSE OF BEER  Beer place

    BEER GALLERY Luxury  Little cute Belgian Beer pub just next door to House of Beer

    HAMSA  Middle Eastern dishes at Jewish district

    PIJALNIA WODKI I PIWA  3 locations or even more in Krakow: Super cheap place to get trashed
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    Ωραίος και αναλυτικός. Στα πρώτα είχα καταλήξει κι εγώ. Το αμάξι χρειαζόταν για ορειβασία που βρήκα εναλλακτική
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