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Thread: Hesperian Death Horse - 'Živ' (2018, Avant-garde/Sludge/Post-metal)

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    Default Hesperian Death Horse - 'Živ' (2018, Avant-garde/Sludge/Post-metal)

    Avant-garde/sludge/post-metal band playing in Zagreb, Croatia since 2012.
    Hesperian Death Horse is a narrator of psychedelic, nihilistic poetry that sings a saga of the birth, life and death of every
    being, each stage envisioned as a separate album forming a trilogy, after which, the band will have concluded the saga
    and will not create any further music.

    Life is the theme of their newest, second album 'Živ' (Croatian for the word 'Alive') released now.

    1. Saol (Part 1: Prizma)
    2. Elu (Part 2: Voda)
    3. Hayot (Part 3: Mezanin)
    4. Liv (Part 4: Horde)

    'Živ' can also be streamed on Bandcamp

    Written and performed by Hesperian Death Horse.
    Recorded at Kramasonik Studio, Zagreb, summer 2017.
    Recorded and mixed by Hrvoje Nikšić.
    Mastered by James Kelly (Altar of Plagues / Wife).
    Artwork by Snježana Mekić Delić.
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