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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Alcest Shelter Prophecy Productions dream pop
    Alkerdeel/Gnaw Their Tongues Dyodyo Asema ConSouling Sounds blacksludgedronedoom
    Allochiria Omonoia self-released ER post-sludge
    Beck Morning Phase Capitol Alternative Rock
    Black Magic Wizard's Spell High Roller Records Heavy/Thrash Metal
    Bruce Springsteen High Hopes Columbia Rock
    Circassian Hantse Guashe Chaotic Synergy experimental / psychedelic / surf
    Death Drive & I Want You Dead The ΑΩ Remixes Self-Released Industrial/Experimental/Hardcore
    Drive By Truckers English Oceans ATO Rock
    Dum Dum Girls Too True Sub Pop Pop
    Egg Hell Once Part Of A Whole Ship Inner Ear Accoustic/folc rock
    Estranged, The s/t Dirtnap/Sabotage post punk
    Fever Kids Holding Grass 7'' Inner Ear Pop
    Fleshtones Wheel Of Talent Yep Roc Super Rock
    Grand Magus Triumph and Power Nuclear Blast Heavy Metal
    Hail Spirit Noir Oi Magoi Code666 Psychoprog black metal
    Have A Nice Life The Unnatural World The Flenser/Enemies List Shoegaze
    Holy Wave Relax The Reverberation Appreciation Society psych-rock
    Iced Earth Plagues of Babylon Century Media Heavy Metal
    Indian From All Purity Relapse Records Metal
    Kampfar Djevelmakt Indie Recordings Norse pagan folklore metal
    Lethe When Dreams Become Nightmares Debemur Morti ER metal/triphop/electronic /pop/experimental(!)
    Lifestock Leap of Faith Self Release hard/heavy rock
    Lizardia s/t self released Heavy Rock
    Manes Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets Debemur Morti Experimental, Electronic, Rock, Metal
    Marissa Nadler July Sacred Bones Dream / Dark Folk
    Mechanimal Obscure 7'' Inner Ear Post / Synth Punk
    Me.damaged s/t demo Raw, driven and saxy rock
    Melt Mountain Melt Mountain 7'' Inner Ear Expirimental Pop
    Mogwai Rave Tapes Rock Action/Sub Pop Post Rock
    Need Orvam :a song for home trailblazer records ER prog metal
    Neighborhood Brats Total Dementia Dirtnap punk rock
    Notwist, The Close To The Glass Afterhours/City Slang/Spunk/Sub Pop The banging, private yet pop, post-
    everything music, for the movie going on inside you
    Pixies EP2 Self Released Alternative Rock
    September Girls Cursing The Sea Fortuna POP! noise pop
    Sleepy Sun Maui Tears Dine Alone Records Visual / Jam Band / Blues
    Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Wig Out at Jagbags Matador Punk like a skunk (indie rock)
    Supersuckers Get the Hell Reptilian Records ER Punk Rock
    Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything Constellation ER experimental / post rock
    This is Nowhere Turn On Tune Down Drop D Nasoni ER bluesy, lysergic, groovy noise r**k
    Ulver & Sunn O))) Terrestrials Southern Lord ER Τώρα τί να πεις
    Xiu Xiu Angel Guts: Red Classroom Polyvinyl/Bella Union avant-garde
    Yellow Eyes The Desert Mourns Sibir Records Black Metal

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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Α.C.T. Circus Pandemonium ACTWORLD Records Progressive Rock
    Arctic Flowers Weaver Deranged Records Punk/Post-Punk
    Autistic Youth Graves 7" Taken By Surprise & Sabotage Records Punk Rock
    Behemoth The Satanist Nuclear Blast Black Metal/Death Metal
    Bohren & der Club of Gore Piano Nights [PIAS] Recordings Ambient/Jazz
    Broken Bells After the Disco Columbia Indie
    Castle Second Coming / Labyrinth of Death 7'' DOOM'
    Dephosphorus Ravenous Solemnity 7 Degrees Records/Handshake Inc Death Metal/Grindcore
    Cynic Kindly Bent To Free Us Season of Mist Prog Metal
    Dream Weapons Pathways EP Holger Records Kraut Techno
    Electric Litany Enduring Days You Will Overcome Inner Ear Alternative Post Rock
    Ereb Altor The Lake of Blood Epic DOOM
    Get The Blessing Lope and Antilope Naim Jazz Jazz/Rock
    Kriegsmaschine Enemy of Man No Solace Black Metal
    Motorpsycho Behind The Sun Rune Grammofon Progressive Rock
    Papir Papir IIII El Paraiso Records psychedelic/post rock
    Phantogram Voices Republic Records Electronic Rock
    Radar Men From The Moon Strange Wave Galore Fuzz Club Records Instrumental Space Rock
    Screaming Dead Balloons s/t self-released Psychedelic/Garage Rock
    The Cult of Dom Keller The Second Bardo Cardinal Fuzz Psychedelic Rock

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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Animals as leaders The joy of motion Sumerian Records Progressive metal
    Baby Guru Marginalia Inner Ear Alternative
    Band Of Skulls Himalayan You Are Here Music Alternative Rock
    Black Lips Underneath the Rainbow Vice Records ER Garage Rock
    Blood Farmers Headless Eyes DOOM
    Bloody Hammers Under Satan's Sun DOOM
    Circle Leviatan
    Circle Kumiluoti
    Coffinworm IV.I.VIII Blackened Sludge/Doom Metal
    Comeback Kid Die Knowing Victory Records Hardcore / Punk
    Crippled Black Phoenix White Light Generator Mascot Label Group Progressive Post Rock
    Dead Rabbits TimeIsYourOnlyEnemy Fuzz Club Psychedelic rock
    Doctor Livingstone Contemptus Saeculi Osmose Productions Black Metal?
    Dread Sovereign All Hell's Martyrs Ván Records Doom Metal
    Gridlink Longhena Handshake, Inc/Selfmadegod Records Grindcore
    Kanoi From The City To The Stars Clostridium Records Experimental/Psychedelic Heavy Rock
    Kari Rueslåtten Time To Tell Despotz Records Pop
    Kayser Read Your Enemy Listenable Records Thrash Metal
    Sensei40 Underwater Beats EP Self Released Sample-Based Trip Hop/Soul/Funk
    Sun Araw Belomancie Sun Ark/Drag City
    Meanwhile in Mexico Rosengrantz and Guildenstern are Deaf On Stage Records Surf Rock
    Moonstones, The Cuando Cae La Noche Soundflat Records Garage rock
    Mother Of Millions Human Turkey Vulture Records Prog/Alternative Metal
    Pixies Ep3 Self Released Alternative Rock
    Satan's Satyrs Black Souls 7'' Heavy/Doom Metal
    Sabbath Assembly Quaternity Svart Records Folk/Rock
    Sigiriya Darkness Died Today Candlelight Rock
    Sivert Høyem Endless Love Hektor/Warner Music Rock
    Spectral Lore III I, Voidhanger Ambient Black Metal
    Spirit Descent Anthem DOOM
    Swans To Be Kind Young God ​Records/Mute Records ER Experimental/Noise Rock
    The Body Released From Love Sludge Metal
    The Graviators Motherload Doom/Stoner Metal
    The Men Tomorrow's Hits Sacred Bones Garage Punk/Psychedelic Rock
    The Oath The Oath Rise Above Records Doom Rock/Heavy Metal
    Thievery Corporation Saudade ESL Records Electronica
    Thou Heathen Gilead Media Doom/Sludge
    Virgance, The Lost Continent self released Dream Pop
    Wolfmother New Crown Self Released Rock

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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Cash Johnny Out Among the Stars Legacy Recordings Country
    Fennesz Bécs Editions Mego Ambient/Electronic
    Floor Oblation Season Of Mist Rock
    John Frusciante Enclosure Record Collection Progressive synth-pop, electronica, experimental rock
    Kikagaku Moyo Mammatus Clouds EP Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha Psychedelic rock
    Fu Manchu GIGANTOID Dojo Records Stoner Rock
    Nadja Tangled Broken Spine Records Drone / Ambient / Doom Metal / Shoegaze
    Nux Vomica Nux Vomica Relapse Crust
    Pink Mountaintops Get back Jagjaguwar Rock
    Plastic Flowers Evergreen Crash Symbols/Inner Ear
    Planet of Zeus Vigilante I Have a Drum Heavy Rock/Southern Rock/Metal
    Ringworm Hammer of the witch Relapse Metallic Hardcore
    Se Delan The Fall Kscope Eerie Prog Rock
    Semen of the Sun Those Pills self released Rock
    Sensei40 Who Got Soul? EP Self Released Sample-Based Trip Hop/Soul/Funk
    Songs: Ohia Journey On: Collected Singles Secretly Canadian Folk/Indie/Alt-Country
    Terra Tenebrosa V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Purging The Tunnels EP Apocaplexy Experimental / Post-Metal / Avantgarde
    Trans Am Volume X Thrill Jockey Post Rock
    Triptykon Melana Chasmata Century Media Avant-Garde/Thrash/Black Metal
    Tuomas Holopainen The Life and Times of Scrooge Nuclear Blast soundtrack/folk/sludge
    A Victim of Society Distractions Inner Ear
    Villagers of Ioannina City Riza Mantra Records ER Folk/Psych/Post Rock
    Zu Goodnight, Civilization EP La Tempesta Avant-Garde Metal

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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Agalloch The Serpent & the Sphere Profound Lore Atmospheric Metal
    Archive Axiom Pledge Music Trip-Hop/Electronic
    Crowbar Symmetry in Black Century Media Records sludge metal
    Down EP IV Part II Roadrunner Records Doom/Southern Metal
    Dustbowl Suicide Avenue/Winter's Almost Gone self released Alt. Country / Americana
    Era of Fear/Dystopian Society Split Tape Paranoiac Activity Post Punk
    EyeHateGod s/t Housecore Records ER Sludge/Southern
    Kikagaku Moyo Forest of Lost Children Beyond Beyond is Beyond Psychedelic rock
    Killer be killed s/t Nuclear Blast Entertainment Metalcore, groove metal, thrash metal, hardcore punk
    Master's Hammer Vagus Vetus Jihosound Records Avant Garde Black Metal
    Mazzy Star I'm Less Here Rhymes Of An Hour Records Alternative Psychedelic Rock
    Psychedelic Trips to Death Love 'N' Death EP self released
    Röyksopp & Robyn Do It Again Pod Electronic Pop
    Shawn Lee Golden Age Against the Machine Juno Records Funk
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre Revelation A Recordings Psychedelic rock
    Tuxedomoon Pink Narcissus Crammed Discs Avantgarde, Experimental, Soundtrack, Modern Classical
    Vallenfyre Splinters Century Media Death/Doom Metal
    Venetian Snares My Love Is a Bulldozer Planet Mu Breakcore | Neoclassical
    Young Neil A Letter Home Third Man Records Rock

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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Anathema Distant Satellites KScope Music Progressive/Alternative Rock
    Body Count Manslaughter Sumerian Records Hardcore/Metal
    Boris Noise Sargent House Rock
    Burzum The Ways of Yore Byelobog Productions Ambient
    Gallon Drunk The Soul of the Hour Clouds Hill Rock
    Godflesh Decline and Fall EP Avalanche / Daymare
    Hysterese s/t Sabotage Punk
    Kakoranger Corps self-released ER Instrumental Heavy Metal
    Lee Paradise Water Palace Kingdom Not Unlike / Pleasence Indie Pop
    Radio Moscow Magical Dirt Alive Psychedelic Blues
    Τα Παιδιά Της Παλαιότητας 12 Τραγούδια Από Τις Κατακόμβες Inner Ear Alternative Rock
    The New Christs Incantation Impedance Records ER Rock
    Thought Forms / Esben & the Witch split Invada
    White Lung Deep Fantasy Domino Punk
    Wo Fat The Conjuring Small Stone Stoner Rock
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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Goat Commune Rocket Recordings Psychedelic Rock
    Empyrium The Turn of the Tides Prophecy Dark Symphonic Folk Metal
    Morrissey World Peace Is None Of Your Business Harvest/Capitol Rock
    Wolves In The Throne Room Celestite Artemisia Records Black Metal
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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Entombed A.D. Back to the Front Century Media ER Death Metal
    Murder City Devils The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again Sub Pop Garage Punk
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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Alternative 4 The Obscurants Prophecy Productions Doom/Depressive Rock
    Blonde Redhead Barragan Self Released? Alternative/Indie Rock
    Bongripper Miserable self released Doom
    Darkspace Dark Space III I Avantgarde Music Black Metal
    Dustbowl Black River’s Chest / Flamin' Rose Dusty Alt. Country / Americana
    Dwarves The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll Recess Records Punk
    Electric Wizard Time to Die Spinefarm Records Doom
    Esben and the Witch A New Nature Nostromo
    Interpol El Pintor Matador Records Indie Rock
    Καταχνιά Καταχνιά Self Released ER Crust
    Maybeshewill Fair Youth Superball Music Post Rock
    OTEHI Dead Chants And Forbidden Melodies self release experimental psychedelic rock
    Robert Plant Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar Nonesuch/Warner Bros. Rock
    Red Snapper Hyena Lo Recordings Acid Jaz/Trip Hop
    Riot V Unleash the Fire Avalon ER Heavy Metal
    Rome A Passage to Rhodesia Trisol Music Group Neofolk
    The Do Shake Shook Shaken Cinq 7 Indie Pop/Electronica
    The Pierces Creation Polydor Records Psychedelic pop/rock
    The New Pornographers Brill Bruisers Matador Records Indie Rock
    The Tea Party The Ocean at the End Anthem Entertainment Progressive Rock
    Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes Self Released Alternative Rock/Electronica
    White Manna Live Frequencies Cardinal Fuzz Psychedelic rock
    Zola Jesus Taiga Mute Records Indie Experimental
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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Chinese Basement Διαδικασία Ημέρευσης melissamusic δεν ειμαστε βεβαιοι
    Encoffination III – Hear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) Selfmadegod Records Doom/Death Metal
    Godflesh A World Lit Only By Fire Avalanche
    Manes Be All End All Debemur Morti Experimental/electronic
    Johnny Marr Playland New Voodoo Records Alternative Rock
    Melvins, The Hold It In Ipecac Recordings Εxperimental Rock
    Mono The Last Dawn Temporary Residence/Pelagic Post Rock
    Mono Rays of Darkness Temporary Residence/Pelagic Post Rock
    Mysticum Planet Satan Peaceville Black Metal
    Orange Goblin Back from the Abyss Candlelight Records Heavy Rock
    Sanctuary The Year The Sun Died Century Media Heavy Metal
    Solefald Norrønasongen Kosmopolis Nord Indie Recordings Post-Black Metal/Avant-garde
    Swallowed Lunarterial Dark Descent Records Doom/Death Metal
    Today Is The Day Animal Mother Southern Lord Noisecore
    Universe 217 EASE Van ER Doom
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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    ACDC Rock or Bust Columbia Hard Rock
    My Drunken Haze s/t Inner Ear ER Psych Pop
    Pink Floyd The Endless River Parlophone Progressive Rock
    Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen Metal Blade Records Black Metal
    Prins Obi Notions Inner Ear Records Indie Pop/Rock
    Queen Forever Island Records Rock
    Royksopp The Inevitable End Dog Triumph Electronic
    Sigmatropic Dead Computer Blues Inner Ear Records Alternative Rock
    Thurston Moore The Best Day Matador Alternative/Noise Rock

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    Band Release Label Talk About Genre Listen To
    Colour Haze To The Highest Gods We Know Elektrohasch Heavy Rock
    Spectral Lore / Nachtreich The Quivering Lights Bindrune/Eihwaz ambient black metal
    The Dark Rags Paranoia Blues Closer Records Garage / R'n'R
    Whereswilder Yearling Six d.o.g.s records Psychedelic rock
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