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    Default Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

    Τι παίχτηκε; Κανείς δεν το 'δε;

    Εγώ σήμερα πήγα σε θερινό, όπου είχε το The Dictator και μετά τούτο. Μας άφησαν να μπούμε νωρίς και είδαμε το τέλος του The Dictator (που ήταν οδυνηρό), και μετά είδα αυτό:

    After watching this movie, I am fairly certain that Wes Anderson more and more, makes movies to please people with OCD. I am one of those people, and I must say, thank you Wes Anderson. This was quite entertaining.

    Now don't take me wrong, I don't arrange my books alphabetically for the whole house, or buy sugar cubes so that I put exactly the same amount of it in my coffee every morning. But it made me inexplicably happy to see scenes that were symmetrical for no apparent reason, or people being awkward and seemingly unfeeling while underneath, they harbored turmoil and storm.

    The movie's characters are all unfeeling but dramatic, and they all misjudge the magnitude of their actions: a mathematician/scoutmaster (or scoutmaster/mathematician, according to him) for the Khaki Scouts acts as if he is in charge of soldiers during a war, all children act as adults, while still having childish problems (which regular children have but would not understand or be able to comment on), and so on. However, within the confines of their fictional, secluded little world, all that strangely makes sense.

    The result of all the above is that the movie becomes increasingly funny, the more you are immersed in its universe. At first, you are simply trying to figure everyone out, and you instinctively react to the way things are presented. As the movie progresses, you begin to be convinced about the characters: they _are_ these improbable beings, those previous scenes weren't random. And that makes their actions much more poignant, much more accented, which, in contrast to their expected behaviour, produces an effect that has all the characteristics of something funny, even if, to all appearances, it is not. It made me laugh, anyway.

    But improbable though the characters are, they are not random or inhuman. They only appear so. In fact, their troubles are your troubles, their anxieties are your anxieties. But in the end, it doesn't matter, because the movie doesn't try to teach you anything, if it does, it does so by mistake.

    Quote Originally Posted by saloth sar View Post
    Το αποκουμπι του κρετινου, του φασιστα και του καθε μαλακα ειναι η προστασια της γυναικας, οταν και αμα σταματουν να τις θεωρουν ολες πουτανες και δυο-τρεις τρυπες για γαμησι μοναχα.

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    Πανέμορφο, για μένα η καλύτερη ταινία του Wes, πάνω και από Tenenbaums. Φωτογραφία, χρώματα κλπ ακολουθούν το στυλ των προηγούμενων αλλά εδώ είναι σίγουρα σε άλλο επίπεδο(η αρχική σκηνή πχ). Αρκετά νοσταλγικό, θεματικά το όλο "παιδιά σαν ενήλικοι, ενήλικοι σαν παιδιά" το τονίζει χωρίς να το τραβάει υπερβολικά. Λίγο βιαστικό το τέλος και η Tilda Swinton θα μπορούσε να παίζει περισσότερο αλλά προσωπικά κανένα παράπονο

    Εκπληκτικό τρέιλερ επίσης (και soundtrack).

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    Η ταινία είναι μια ομορφιά. Την είδα από σπόντα και πραγματικά χάρηκα τόσο πολύ, που μου κόλλησε ένα χαζιοβόλικο χαμόγελο στα χείλη.
    Η γλυκιά μελαγχολία που βγάζει, οι γλυκές φατσούλες, οι σουρεάλ διάλογοι φτιάχνουν μια υπέροχη ατμόσφαιρα μαζί με τη θαυμάσια μουσική. Δείτε την μαζί με αγαπημένα πρόσωπα.
    All alone, or in twos,
    The ones who really love you
    Walk up and down outside the wall.
    Some hand in hand
    And some gathered together in bands.
    The bleeding hearts and artists
    Make their stand.
    And when they've given you their all
    Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
    Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.

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