DODSFERD-"Desecarating the Spirit of life" cd( records) *Only for those who worship JUDAS ISCARIOT and old GRAVELAND.Includes the sold out tape/demo Krusifixion of Human Disgust. ***last copies***

AUTOPHAGIA/MAGGUT split cd (Rottepyosis records)
*AUTOPHAGIAne of the best gore garbage/grind acts in europe in my opinion!I-N-H-U-M-A-N vocals,"Emetological Gore Splatter Molynsis!" MAGGUT:close to LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY,killer gore/grind from Japan! ***last copies***

Faeces Eruption/Anal Penetration split cd (Last House On The Right records) *Agoraphobic Nosebleed sounds like pop fagget grind infront of these 2 bands..just to get a picture of it.Drum machine madness!!!

Deathspawned Destroyer-"The first bestial butchery" cd (bestial burst)

Impaled Nazarene/Beherit split cd "Day of Darkness Festival" *Full live set from each band.

Tapes(all tapes are official releases):

TETRAKTYS-"Voreion Sellas" tape (nykta records) *Dark Ambient/Noise/Avan garde.EARTH is the"no-way out" doom/drone soundtrack,TETRAKTYS is the"no-way out" dark ambient/noise soundtrack.A must!

VISTKAED-"Rise of the nameless spawn" (nykta records) *Members of Tetraktys/ShadowOrder!!!Crashing Black metal!CULT!

GRAB-"Behold your future" tape (self released limited to 100 copies) *Members of DODSFERD/Drunk Earth-S U I C I D A L Garbage old school black metal. ***GONE***

BLASFEMIA-"Pontificado e Imperio" tape (American Line Productions) * Great Grind/Gore in the vein of LITURGY+DISGORGE! ***rare item***

AAARGHH-"Brutal Psycho Mystical Grind" tape (Psycho Entertainment) * If you dig Gut's sound check it out! ***rare item***

ROTTING CORPSE-"Pain to Pleasure" tape (American Line Productions) * ... ***rare item***

DROP DEAD-"1st LP" tape *Their best recording for sure


UNHOLY GRAVE/SEWN SHUT 7" split ***last copies***

CAD/RABIIES 7" split *Great Gore/Grind from CH/POL


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